A Semi-Spontaneous Post for the End of December

Hello everyone!

It truly feels like forever since I last posted on Cathartic Tendencies. To be real honest with you, I haven’t been working on any writing projects either. My excuse? I left Poland and have been busy readjusting to American life during the holiday season. Thanks to so much going on there wasn’t that much room or air for inspiration. Another, shorter way of describing it is that there’s a minor case of writer’s block taking hold at the moment.

As someone who is a strong supporter of quality over quantity, posting just for the sake of posting in order to fulfill my invisible schedule would be a bit cray cray. So, now I’m going to post this pretty disorganized thingy in order to get back into this rhythm of posting, so that Cathartic Tendencies will not turn into another e-graveyard of what could have been. Sounds good?

Now let’s raise a glass of cheap Champagne (or Piccolo if one prefers) to the good moments that the future (hopefully) has in store for us in 2019! May we all begin to overcome our insecurities at least a little as we slowly begin our creation on a blank canvas received during Christmas 2014.

Numerous underrated blogs or even YouTube videos might not garner much attention over the years, and eventually become time capsules on their own. During some point in time, someone from somewhere in the world might have been influenced by this art piece. Cross that out even, you probably have much more influence on others and yourself than originally thought.

Maybe 2019 won’t be that significant for you or I? Maybe there will be months full of sorrow and pain caused by outside circumstances, causing us to dream of the past or of a world much more ideal? Maybe.

Others might not like the direction that you go either…

Life is obviously complicated. Just try to make the right choices and be able to rationalize your decisions.

Things won’t go perfectly but at least you will move forward even if it’s a bit messy.

“Just keep swimming” – Dory, Finding Nemo (2003)



2 thoughts on “A Semi-Spontaneous Post for the End of December

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    1. The little guy is one of the stolemy creatures from the Kashubian region in Poland. According to legends, they were strong mischievous beings that left some boulders lying around in the area and influenced the overall geography. The picture was taken in Kościerzyna, Poland.

      Sorry for the late response. Have a Happy New Year!!

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