American Media and the Civilization Show

Many Americans tend to express their excitements more openly, especially in the media, compared to many of their Non-Western counterparts. Viewers are exposed to an amplified expression of excitement, happiness or anger in order to convey a certain agenda. With the dramatic music and the overuse of “oh my God,” American media can be quite a spectacle. So, turn off the TV! There will be a relief.

Many of the audience guests on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and talk shows in similar format propagating the Cult of Celebrity, sickeningly overreact after they receive expensive gifts or are one of the few handpicked of many faces. Jumping up and down while screaming or crying in a high-picked voice, the guests who are often young woman temporarily revert back to their toddler years. The concept of one of them getting a brain aneurism is not out of question. Expressing some excitement for getting debt erased, receiving a dream car or winning an exotic vacation is entirely natural. With that said, some grown-ass man jumping on a couch like a maniac after supposedly confessing love in an aura of screaming female voices on The Oprah Winfrey Show is an example of how humans shouldn’t act in public, obviously. (This scene was excellently parodied in Scary Movie 3)

All of this over-expression is just another form of entertainment that for some reason garnered acceptance over a number of years. Excuse me that I put on my tin-foil hat, but isn’t this low quality art created in order to dumb down the masses? Hello, don’t we all wish to be entertained in different ways? Turn on the news media; it’s on the next channel. The state-run news that is not established for one to gain knowledge of what happened in their communities or abroad. Rather, it is another form of entertainment with a flavor for provocation.

Cable news media provides a dramatization of real-life events with an array of talking points. Whether the channel is full of “conservatives” or it is the embodiment of the “liberal media,” both entities emotionally manipulate the masses to fear their neighbors. Millennials are still traumatized by the wars that were propagated amongst career politicians or TV talking heads. Throughout their developmental years, through their television shows they were slowly exposed to a country with so much hatred and division. There were so many threats lingering in everyday life.

According to the media, men are out there to completely dominate women in every possible way, both physically and emotionally. If you’re a racial minority in this country, every single white person considers you to be inferior even if they don’t show it. If you happen to in fact be an illegal immigrant you probably wish to take over in some way. Plus, shootings are out of control everywhere. There is always much focus on the worst examples of society.

If someone only watched TV without going leaving the house, America would just seem like a dystopian mess, right? These are just a few of many sensitive topics often with some truth engrained, but are dramatically inflamed by the media. Unfortunately sexism exists and so does racism, yet for a situation to be objectively analyzed there must be conclusive evidence. The media does not wish to spread awareness for these social issues or to somehow help fix them. Instead, quite often they wish to spread division and fear by creating specific narratives. The more people become angry, the more divided they become as a society. As a result of this division, the state media entertainment business makes money off of clickbait and drama.

I will now mention the media frenzy of January 2019.

Summary: After a chilly January morning in Washington D.C., a group of all-male students from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky, many of whom were geared in Pro-Trump gear, waited for their bus near the White House after attending the annual March for Life. Eventually, the group crossed paths with two small protesting groups: The Black Israelialites and The Indigenous Peoples March. Allegedly, the young men began making fun of the protesters with chants like #BuildTheWall along with racially charged sentiments. There is one now infamous video that depicts a 17-year-old boy smiling at a drumming Native American elder while some smiling #MAGA pears record some of the incident. The situation soon invoked a display of disgust from many people online, so much so that many of the teens’ personal information was published for all to see which lead not only to death threats against these under-aged individuals but also their parents. Other footage from that incident shows members from The Black Israelialites calling the boys “dirty crackers” along with other derogatory names for about an hour. There is also video that depicts the Native American elder approaching the boys.

The drama continues.

There can be so much study about America’s outrage culture where genuine morality or empathy is often lacking. Soon after the boys returned home, Covington High School had to be placed under lockdown due to bomb threats. On Twitter, where much commentary about the incident happened, a film producer associated with the 2017 live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, Jack Morrissey, wrote, “#MAGAkids go screaming, hats first, into the woodchipper.”

If the boys did discriminate against the protestors then they must face the consequences of their actions. But, this story like many others was used for entertainment. The media helped specifically invoke a plethora of emotional responses in the name of profitable drama.





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