Eels are the Physical Manifestations of Souls (Poem)

Eels are the physical manifestations of souls.

That sounds quite unbelievable, I know. Just

hear me out on this. Wrinkles, moles,

eye color, teeth or not, the dust

accompanied from digging or from hidden caves,

all tell such unique stories. The eels

just seem to slip through the waves

so elegantly because they have programmed ideals.

As a child I would visit this

electronics store with a tank so smooth.

Admiring one eel while blowing a kiss

or staring at its inability to move

beyond its territory, was what I did.

There was some pity for the creature

since it had the potential to benefit

by swimming a bit further. No teacher,

however, will convince it to transcend the

life it knows.

When an eel’s life comes finally end,

who will guide it for what’s next?

Or will the eels simply know?

Will there be chaos?


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