The Anxiety Business

Do you ever experience self-doubt, anger, or sadness? Congratulations, you know what it is like to be human. How can you overcome these feelings? Maybe it is a mixture of both the simple and complex? Every year there are numerous well-funded articles trying to sell the best way of overcoming anxiety, ideally applicable to virtually anyone reading in their cultural context.

In this current age it seems as if the anxiety and stress business is similar to the diet industry where overcoming the issues seem quite simple, but the reality is much more complex since everybody (or body) is different.

During our time on Earth, we have to go through a mixture of good and bad times. Treat the failures or rough stages as merely tests that will slowly be overcome piece by piece.

Now, this type of commentary is common sense unless you woke up with all of your memories erased, left with only the ability to speak an understandable language. For those who are currently going through moments of self-doubt or anxiety, there is no simple solution to finding peace. None. Others can tell you to stop worrying, to laugh at the irrationality of those racing thoughts, to take a deep breath. All of these recommendations are in fact valuable.

Sometimes reading the obvious commentary is exactly what one needs. As annoying as “believe in yourself” and “accepting failure” may be, they are reminders that it is best to move forward regardless of whatever setbacks there may be. Everyone will go through moments of personal humiliation. Everyone. Time goes on regardless.

Here is my advice: do not let your flaws become a part of your identity. If they do, the ‘inner demons’ will progressively scrap away all potential. Yes, there are benefits to acknowledging a problem, but do not ever consider general anxiety to be a personal flaw here to stay. Fight and eventually overcome even if it might take a longer time.

One’s mental well-being is a complex issue that often involves lots of time, and quite importantly effort.

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.” – Jaques, Act II, Scene VII. As You Like It

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