Someone Left a Framed Photo of a Cyclist Lying by the Side of the Road


Just when human society couldn’t get even more complex, someone left a well-preserved framed photo of a cyclist lying by the side of the road. The object was discovered right next to a popular water fountain near downtown Toronto, Canada. Now people all over the world are trying to solve this mystery: Why is the cyclist in the photo lying on the side of the road and how was the framed photo placed right next to a water fountain?

Endless amounts of theories regarding its origins were spawned all over the Internet, which include dimension hopping, ghosts, and even feminist statements. It just so happens that no cameras are installed next to that particular fountain! Weird.

The most popular theory involves a grieving female apparition attempting to bring awareness to her son’s death or injury. Even though there seems to be no concrete evidence to back this story up, it has sparked a nationwide debate on whether or not competitive cycling should be discontinued in Canada. There is always the potential for injury, and “injuries hurt families too,” claim supporters of the ban. Several reiterations of this story have appeared as urban legends often involving a much more vindictive maternal character. People have been placing flowers alongside candles as a way of showing their respect for the life potentially lost.

But it gets weirder from here as broken watches are left at the scene too, seemingly at random. Meetings of a dozen people are held every midnight and they are often seen chanting in black robes as they hold white candles. It is believed that these individuals might actually belong to some cult that was conceived right after the event.

Others claim that the individual who left the photo is not from our time period or even dimension because there is still no explanation how someone managed to carry a framed photo without getting caught by nearby cameras. In this day and age, especially in a developed city like Toronto, the probability of someone being undetected is virtually impossible. This intriguing mystery reminds of the countless tales from centuries past involving odd travelers from distant lands, dimensions, and planets.

The least popular and least exciting version of why this photo was placed near the fountain has to do with a modern feminist art. Two anonymous eyewitness accounts claim to have briefly seen a young woman with pink hair leave the photo before sprinting away. When asked why they believed she was a feminist, their response was “because she had pink hair.” According to them, the male cyclist lying on the side of the road might symbolize “the fall of the patriarchy.”

Hopefully one day this mystery can be solved.


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