Drones are Saving the Trees!

It was not too long ago that drones began delivering Amazon packages straight to the front door or doing the death-defying job of hurricane hunting. Now drones are saving the Earth by planting tree seeds in minutes. The robot planes don’t have to be so scary after all. There is still hope that a future surrounded by smog with too little agriculture can be avoided.

Last September, a tech company called BioCarbon Engineering released seedpods in Myanmar. The company has been working with Worldview International Foundation to regain numbers of Mangrove trees.

In the case for Myanmar, the trees are very important for its protective role along the coast against extreme weather. They also give the fish population room to flourish, which in effect impacts the fishing industry. Let’s just hope the fish population won’t be too consumed.

As it turns out, the latest drone-planting operation was a success with the mangroves growing to an average size of a chair. Worldview hopes on planting as many as 400,000 trees per day. And there might be at least 6 million seeds planted by the end of the year.

If success continues, the drone operations will expand to different countries that are experiencing deforestation. Looks like technology actually does have the potential to do well for our planet, if applied for the greater good!

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