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Where can We Find our Soulmates?

Soulmates appear throughout life in various forms. An urge to confirm that random, chaotic events happen because of a greater plan is often comforting. More likely than not, you also heard of the idea that you might be some influential side character, or NPC (non-player character) in someone else’s story that helps with their character development. Who are real-life soulmates and how can we recognize them?

Years ago, my short story that was originally titled, “Finding Soulmate” was published in my university’s literary magazine. The title was a small reference to Pixar’s classic tale about a clown fish alongside a royal blue tang with memory loss searching the ocean for one youngster. Finding Nemo (2003) made $940.3 million and generated the sales of clown fishes, especially in households with children under the age of 12. My short story obviously did not make millions of dollars (everyone wants that), but hearing all of those positive reviews from my professors definitely made me feel like I won big time. The title would be changed to “Broken English” because the main character grew up in an immigrant household.

The work focused on a young woman that looked back at all the people that made a lasting impact in her short life. At the end, a genderless shadowy figure would take the form of characters that were once important such as a girl that starred at her in kindergarten, the grade school boyfriend, and the emotionally-lifting friend. The soulmate was anyone who was destined to appear during a specific time with a specific purpose. 

For many people, soulmates distinctly refer to that one romantic partner that is destined to appear as it is written in some form of divine plan that was written before our births. The couple is supposed to grow as people and further connect through whatever challenges appear. In a Hallmark-esque movie, the One who will never be a killer is someone who will keep the  body warm during the cold rain, both literally and figuratively. Only death can destroy the connections that soulmates share. 

My view leans more towards the notion that we all meet multiple soulmates who are not just there for romance. There might be close connections formed for a lifetime or just for a couple of months. Some people are meant shape our views and life course. There are relationships might fall apart without death getting involved. And whatever the reasons may be, a once amazing connection may be severed for years. It’s a comforting thought that the best days of our lives are already written. And keep in mind that some severed relations can begin to heal. 

Arguments for or against a divine plan is one that is extremely complex, not to mention long. Regardless of what is completely true or half true, the best option is to not become blind to the fact that time is moving forward. To live is to exist without overwhelming fear. To live is to not just wait for better days. It’s easy to dream about saviors that will make your life better. More often than not, you have to slowly work one day at a time. 

I believe that there are simple ways to recognize who our soulmates are. They are the people who taught us to recognize our blessings, our beauty, and maybe even encouraged us to develop our talents. 

Now you must make your own choices. 

Where can we find our soulmates? There is no simple answers since the answer is: anywhere. We can be presently surprised about what happens in the next few months. For now we have to try our best, even take these so-called baby steps. Just maybe the shadowy figure will reveal its true face to you.

7 thoughts on “Where can We Find our Soulmates?

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  1. I agree with your assessment that in life we meet multiple soulmates. They don’t always have to be romantic partners, although often they are. As an example I’ve had mentors at work that helped me tremendously in a time when I needed the help. I would consider them soulmates, because at the time my soul needed to help.

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  2. We, humans were created a social being, although it would hard pressed to prove the way we treat each other these days. As we travel through life we meet and greet people. They may walk with us a while or not. We meet many acquaintances, but a few have become friends and soul mates.

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  3. So lovely. I’m becoming a fan of your writing. I believe in a divine plan. I sometimes don’t understand when the story flips and people snap… but I still want to believe we are always closer to ‘home coming; – finding peace and beauty in another.

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