2020 Didn’t Spoil Us

Everyone knows that 2021 is heading our way. In 2020, daily life was re-imagined. Among many of those changes, the Covid-19 pandemic had forced us to introduce “social distancing” into our daily vocabulary. Throughout various towns and cities across the world, those without face masks stand out.   

We all miss life before Covid. In my fantasy, I take long walks in downtown New Orleans during night time. I also attend a packed theatre and pointlessly walk around an air-conditioned mall during in the winter. Some real days can still be so fun as I forget about the pain, at least for a moment. Try to find what brings you joy.  

The anger and confusion involving the pandemic is definitely still fresh. Lockdowns are still a reality and a growing number of store owners have to close their shops one last time. Children are forced to stare at screens even more than usual because their schools are no longer safe. Those who find themselves in abusive households cannot escape. Meanwhile, the mainstream media fearmongers, causing more fear and frustration than ever before. 

In many Internet forums there are discussions involving Covid’s legitimacy. Some claim that the pandemic is completely faked. I personally know people who tested positive for the virus and had experienced an array of symptoms. Among them is one person that will likely never recover. To simplify it, this f*cking disease is complicated.

Because of the social-isolation measures put into place, our friendships may have been affected in negative ways. Fortunately, every relationship can recover and sometimes it may take months. Take time to re-evaluate what might have went wrong. 

A significant portion of the population is becoming more anxious while the restrictions are being reintroduced. The nightmare never ends. There is no shame in reaching out for professional help. In fact, it is brave to take a big step towards self-improvement. 

There are predictions involving 2021 being a better than the “worst year ever.” There is no guarantee. It is not sinful to have some hope for better days. Sometimes taking those small steps is what is needed. I hope that we all slowly grew stronger before the good times come again.  

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