Destroyed Patience

How much longer can you wait for general satisfaction? Our potentials should be met before aging brings the burden of illness or loss. Today will never come back. The next few days become more monotonous. Patiently waiting for worthwhile life events is an incredible achievement.

After working long hours, when will there be some sort of noticeable financial success? The answer will likely be never. Looking at someone who has achieved success before the age of thirty no longer motivates you. Instead, there’s a realization that you missed some important steps along the way. But at the end, the never-ending rat race will go on with or without you in it. Striving to skip over the current  life stage leads to deterioration because you will discover sooner or later that you’ll never be good enough for yourself or for others. Clearly, self-determination and setting goals can be positive. More often than not, an idealized timeline will not come together as planned.

Millions worldwide desire to form meaningful connections with other people. Life circumstances don’t always allow you to meet someone who will be with you through trials and tribulations when it’s needed most. Unfortunately or rather fortunately, some friendships end for whatever the reasons may be. Ask yourself: why is there a desire to spend time with someone? 

Wanting, say, a compatible person nearby is understood, but do you desire them for your personal gains? Do you want another person, so that they can help you feel better about yourself? Everyone must nurture their own emotional needs while also looking out for the other person. As you are searching for that meaningful connection, there’s the possibility of stumbling upon rejection, hurt, and manipulation, among many other conflicts. To develop a strong, genuine connection there has to the right time, place, and… patience.

There is the possibility that you are waiting for less chaotic times, for more hopeful days where your situation stabilizes. Maybe in one aspect life improves, yet there is still required growth in finances, social skills, etc. How much longer can the waiting period be? Life is fleeting and impatience can trigger anger that was crumbled among other insecurities. While existing among those weaknesses, there might be an attempt at calling for help but no one hears those cries. No one will entirely understand. At least a listening ear can alleviate some of that confusion. 

Achieving a high level of patience seems impossible, especially if you’ve always been impatient since the very start. So much advice is out there and it is always helpful to read what the wiser people have written down. With uncertain times, comes a lack of patience and deteriorating confidence that gets in the way of positive action. One life can go away in an incredibly fast way. And throughout the good and the bad, there will only be one individual that you will have to nurture until the end: yourself. There will be days when patience is entirely lost and when the days are never-endingly dreadful. 

But between the bad, there are still so many good moments. Uncovering your vocation takes up many years. Patience is indeed a virtue. Let the life events naturally happen without forcing them. Avoid unnecessary conflict.

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  1. Some things in life require action not patience to get something before it passes by. Sometimes you don’t know what you had until it is gone. Whats more important than patience is being upbeat unwilling to let the storm cloud your wellbeing. Hope and patience go hand in hand though too much of either can turn into victimhood where you wait for a savior to rescue you. Overall ignorance can be bliss as the carefree child who doesn’t know/care about resource depletion, banks and oligarchs, people as merely numbers/units of production and consumption, Hollywood/entertainments exploitation of folks focus away from value/higher callings, etc. Worry can consume folks, especially if they allow the media to think for them.

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    1. I agree that we can’t always patiently wait for things to simply happen. Our own hard work and action is required! Depending on the circumstances, we need to be patient if there is not much we can do to change. I’m patiently waiting for the cold days to pass, so I can finally go out for a longer walk. hehe. It is best to look at the higher callings like you said! Thank you for your comment. Sorry, that it took me a while to respond. ^_^” Take care!

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      1. We all have our lives to live. Despite the learned helplessness and passified comfortable escapist pursuits in the modern world. There is beauty in this world that is obscured by a media hellbent on negativity along with various institutions, higher education, etc. that are in on it. It is nice to step away from it all and commune with nature.

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