Rejection’s Bitter Flavor

Well into their adulthood, many people constantly struggle when facing rejection and addressing the fact that not everyone will accept them personally, physically, or career-wise. Rejection can invoke some level of trauma. Among ugliness, there is also that reminder that the horrifying monstrosity called Rejection can be a life-saver. 

When someone is passionate about gymnastics they can dress up in the most expensive leotards, but they will never be accepted to a competitive program when they are unable to do a backflip without getting physically hurt. That person can only look like a professional, yet their application will ultimately be rejected. An author named Mandy Hale writes, “Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.”

The after-effects of rejection injures the ego. Just a few blunt truths can emotionally crush someone when it turns out that they fail at their own passion. If the wannabe gymnast was accepted into the competitive program, they would experience emotional humiliation that is more painful than rejection. Hours can be spent alone in the molding gymnasium as an attempt to modify those skills. At least there is potential for improvement even if they won’t enter the competitive program.

In a different timeline in a dark chamber that seems to have no beginning or end, a crowd of participants standing wearing masquerade masks stare at a lone walker. The masks all depict an ageless male with an indifferent expression. As for the lone walker, she is maskless, dressed in a red ballroom gown, and is looking straight away as the crowd stays. The people wearing masks were friendly faces at some point in time. Now the crowd is left behind. Their party will go on.

Friendships can fall apart because of shifting priorities and the moments that used to be looked at blissfully can be later tainted. The changing reality can be hard to accept for an extended time. Ultimately, rejecting the longing for the past is not a choice but a necessity. The ballroom girl was rejected by the masked crowd for reasons unknown to the onlookers. Even if the woman wore an identical masquerade mask she would never again be accepted to the party. She must leave the others behind and learn from the experiences. 

Although at first it can be hard to face, rejection happens for the best. Inventor Alexander Graham Bell beautifully said, “When one door closes, another one opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” The new beginning is set to begin. When the days are bleak or appear the same, such quotes can be an annoyance. But then the question is, are they wrong? A few adjustments can go a long way.

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  1. Yeah ,well said
    once opinion not matters for you whole life and don’t make that one rejection to spoil your whole life.In your life ups as and come but you have to stable there with your positive mentality.


  2. Yeah ,well said
    once opinion not matters for you whole life and don’t make that one rejection to spoil your whole life.In your life ups and downs come but you have to stable there with your positive mentality.

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  3. The need to be included at all costs has the affect of negating your own inner voice/spirit to be subsumed into the crowd. Also not everyone is on the same wavelength/mindset/frequency so rejection is natural. The higher someones expectations the more they may be dissapointed later on. Though it is good to have standards.

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    1. So true! We all have the need to be accepted and loved. It can especially hurt when we part ways with the people we used to be close to. 💔 At the end, parting ways with people we no longer click with can be for the best in the long term. Like you said, it’s best to not have higher expectations with other less close people since it can lead to so many disappointments. But setting standards is a must!

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  4. Ooo that’s a great quote at the end there. Yeah, it’s always important to keep looking forward and not in longing at what ‘could’ve been’. Wonderful message here. Thanks for sharing!

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