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Month of Love

For those of us who are used to four seasons, the first months of the year have often been associated with the bitter cold that isn’t leaving soon. The short days unlock memories that are better left untouched.  

When will the weather be more inviting and the days longer? Let’s face it, many of us are tired of shoveling snow during bitter cold temperatures. Maybe waiting for calendar spring will give some hope? It seems as though winter has lasted forever. Close to half a year, actually. Seven months? That lack of vitamin D is contributing to seasonal affective disorder. That’s a fact.   

The third Monday in January, also known as “Blue Monday” has been crowned “the most depressing day of the year.” New Year’s Resolutions usually go down the drain and there are no official holidays to sweeten the time. I believe many people would argue that February is even worse because of one holiday. 

Valentine’s Day is quite a wonderful idea and I’ll explain why soon. Sure, the commercialization of the holiday is not so cute, but let’s grab one of those cheaply-made “I love u” suckers first. Hitting a forehead with that tasteless sucker still covered in plastic wrapping, metaphorically, of course, might do some good. The history behind why Valentine’s Day is an official holiday in many countries is more complex when taking into account its history. But let’s not focus on that today. Instead, let’s remember that the holiday is not just designed for lovers.

If you went to some elementary school in the United States there’s a chance that your school “forced,” for lack of better terms, the youngest students to hand out and exchange cards that featured cartoon characters often surrounded by hearts. Quite possibly, this type of activity was supposed to teach kids to show kindness or maybe it was officially introduced to take a break from the mundane days. Either way, most of the cards did not express authentic emotions.

Many of us desire authenticity. February 14th is a day that reminds everyone to show appreciation for their friends and family. It slightly annoys me that the holiday is exclusively associated with romantic love. There are many different kinds of love. Not everything is so black and white. 

On this day, do not forget to treat yourself with love and appreciation too. Despite all of the bad experiences and the many aspects of life that need fixing, you can give yourself some good treatment. Detox from social media or dance around the house. Do whatever brings you joy. Self-love is a gift. We can’t be dependent on other people to make us happy even though for a moment they may. 

We all walk alone even with others nearby.

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  1. This has been a good read. I don’t often give Valentine’s Day, Valisblót, whatever, much thought. But you clearly have, and kudos. Of the species of love, outside of the obvious Eros and Philios, I find for myself Storgé is the most useful to cultivate where I can.

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