American Media and the Civilization Show

Many Americans tend to express their excitements more openly, especially in the media, compared to many of their Non-Western counterparts. Viewers are exposed to an amplified expression of excitement, happiness or anger in order to convey a certain agenda. With the dramatic music and the overuse of “oh my God,” American media can be quite a spectacle. So, turn off the TV! There will be a relief. Continue reading “American Media and the Civilization Show”

What’s the Point of Old Age?

I once had the chance to attend this get-together of people in the age range of twenty-five to twenty-eight. One phrase kept on creeping in that evening. “We’re so old!”

Old? Excuse me. For me, being old meant being close to death as a result of the body slowly crumbling from the passage of time.
Continue reading “What’s the Point of Old Age?”

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