The Youthful Roars of Community College

No matter how much I tried to shut my eyes, I just couldn’t fall asleep thanks to those racing thoughts for what was to come. There was also no doubt that stress sweat eventually took over. Bleh. I was so tired. My body and mind would eventually rest, but not now because there were too many nerves involved. And, I actually pulled a rare all-nighter. That morning was the first time I attended community college. Continue reading “The Youthful Roars of Community College”

The Babayaga and the Boy (Short Story)

Another twig inserted onto his flesh. The boy removed the object trivially and continuously ran as though life would be ripped away at any given moment. Not a single second was dedicated to stopping track among the dense woods. “Come out guys!” screamed the boy in a hoarse voice. Then, the running suddenly stopped. Continue reading “The Babayaga and the Boy (Short Story)”

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