The Perks of being a Late Bloomer

October is my birth month. For years, the so-called birthday blues would make an appearance. Self-reflection would often come into fruition a month prior to that dreaded day. Did I achieve enough throughout the year? I stopped caring once the age number officially changed, funny enough.

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Yawn. Everyday Life Usually isn’t Fun.

A lot of days aren’t so exciting. Some days can be quite dreadful, horrible, and maybe even disgusting when looking back at them. Anyone who went through bad times remembers that it gets better eventually, often times thanks to some form of intervention.  

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Identity and American Polonia

Somehow life allowed me to live in two places at the same time. There were times when the question of if there’s more Polish or American “mentality” up in that messed up head was brought up by other people. Quite honestly, it doesn’t even matter that much. Both identities kind of mush together, so it’s sometimes hard to tell what aspect of my behavior is influenced by which culture. Continue reading “Identity and American Polonia”

The Anxiety Business

Do you ever experience self-doubt, anger, or sadness? Congratulations, you know what it is like to be human. How can you overcome these feelings? Maybe it is a mixture of both the simple and complex? Every year there are numerous well-funded articles trying to sell the best way of overcoming anxiety, ideally applicable to virtually anyone reading in their cultural context. Continue reading “The Anxiety Business”

American Media and the Civilization Show

Many Americans tend to express their excitements more openly, especially in the media, compared to many of their Non-Western counterparts. Viewers are exposed to an amplified expression of excitement, happiness or anger in order to convey a certain agenda. With the dramatic music and the overuse of “oh my God,” American media can be quite a spectacle. So, turn off the TV! There will be a relief. Continue reading “American Media and the Civilization Show”

The Youthful Roars of Community College

No matter how much I tried to shut my eyes, I just couldn’t fall asleep thanks to those racing thoughts for what was to come. There was also no doubt that stress sweat eventually took over. Bleh. I was so tired. My body and mind would eventually rest, but not now because there were too many nerves involved. And, I actually pulled a rare all-nighter. That morning was the first time I attended community college. Continue reading “The Youthful Roars of Community College”

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