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The Face of Regret

Regret is obviously an inevitable part of life. The “what ifs” alongside the lasting effects of some decisions can haunt our minds. Films with time travel in their plots often show the main characters making different choices in order to “clean up” their timelines.

With the assumption that no time traveling machine will be readily available in the upcoming decade, pretty much everyone must deal with their own problems without having the option of going back.

Not all regret is equal. Obviously, not buying that top on sale cannot be compared to regretting a lifelong relationship full of pain. Everyone’s experiences are unique and sometimes professional help is required.

Looking back, you might wonder if those shared moments with the wrong people were even worthwhile. There were some good times, sure, but ultimately everything fell apart. Now their names bring up feelings of sorrow. A lot of regrets possibly stem from the what ifs that involve thoughts like, “what if I acted more confidently?” or “what if I confronted them?” But now it’s too late to make a difference.  

Fate may provide a nearly identical situation to reappear. Maybe history just so happens to repeat at the right moment. Then you have the chance to make the right choices without any time travel involved. You probably heard somewhere that the temporary and not-so-temporary people we meet along the way help shape us. Ideally, we won’t fall for the same manipulations or make the same mistakes the second time around. The second try will likely not be perfect, but at least there’s room for improvement.

We have no choice but to accept the mistakes made along the way. The reasons for experiencing regret vary. You will never fully heal without some form of self-forgiveness. So, it’s best to leave those regrets in the past although it’s much easier said than done. Days with failures and mistakes will unfortunately appear sooner or later. Eventually the what ifs will fade away once memories are treated like a guidebook. Let the regrets go. Become a better version of yourself.

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  1. Whater ones position in life its better to have gratitude than to be stuck in a rut. Better to believe in your own selbstverbesserung than to need the crowd, a savior, etc. take responsibility for your life. Even for folks with handicaps folks can work around them and build up their innate strengths.

    Technology, escapism, Hollywood/consumerist trends, materialism, and the constant rush for a technocratic “utopia” or future in which all pain/conflict is gone all sever folks from the present moment and the infinity of spiritual transcendence.

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    1. Gratefulness is really important in life. We overlook the fact that we have internet access, running water, access to education, etc. Besides that we should also be grateful for the fact that we have room to make mistakes and make better choices as a result!

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  2. I must admit this drew me in , “regrets”, strong emotion, why not alter that experience to, as long as you are breathing there is no regret!

    Try discovering that experience is a lesson, a lesson of finding out if it truly is just that, nothing is ever lost my dear x

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  3. I love this. Took me down past memory lane. I deeply appreciate the decisions I made in the past even when I was in the wrong relationships or friendships. It’s because of these past experiences that I am trying to do better by myself. It’s a learning process. Thank you

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    1. What you wrote is so accurate! But sometimes it’s such a struggle for me because there are thoughts like, “What if something was pointless? What is something could have been avoided?” I’m trying my best to not let the past have such a tremendous influence in the present. Hope you’re doing well. ❤ Take care

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      1. Absolutely, those kind of questions will linger but once that minute has passed, we can’t get it back. We just have to try and live our lives one day at a time. Learn from the mistakes and counties with the journey. Am well thanks and I hope you too❤️.

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