Drones are Saving the Trees!

It was not too long ago that drones began delivering Amazon packages straight to the front door or doing the death-defying job of hurricane hunting. Now drones are saving the Earth by planting tree seeds in minutes. The robot planes don’t have to be so scary after all. Continue reading “Drones are Saving the Trees!”

Someone Left a Framed Photo of a Cyclist Lying by the Side of the Road


Just when human society couldn’t get even more complex, someone left a well-preserved framed photo of a cyclist lying by the side of the road. The object was discovered right next to a popular water fountain near downtown Toronto, Canada. Now people all over the world are trying to solve this mystery: Why is the cyclist in the photo lying on the side of the road and how was the framed photo placed right next to a water fountain? Continue reading “Someone Left a Framed Photo of a Cyclist Lying by the Side of the Road”

The Anxiety Business

Do you ever experience self-doubt, anger, or sadness? Congratulations, you know what it is like to be human. How can you overcome these feelings? Maybe it is a mixture of both the simple and complex? Every year there are numerous well-funded articles trying to sell the best way of overcoming anxiety, ideally applicable to virtually anyone reading in their cultural context. Continue reading “The Anxiety Business”

A Semi-Spontaneous Post for the End of December

Hello everyone!

It truly feels like forever since I last posted on Cathartic Tendencies. To be real honest with you, I haven’t been working on any writing projects either. My excuse? I left Poland and have been busy readjusting to American life during the holiday season. Thanks to so much going on there wasn’t that much room or air for inspiration. Continue reading “A Semi-Spontaneous Post for the End of December”

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