Swallowing the Black Pill

A bitter taste is left when the pill dissolves. Those who decide to take it must swallow it raw. Do not wonder for too long before taking the black pill because its effects are not necessarily permanent. Loss comes the quickest. The trees, the meadows, the city streets all lose their beauty. Suffering is the most authentic aspect of existence.

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Where can We Find our Soulmates?

Soulmates appear throughout life in various forms. An urge to confirm that random, chaotic events happen because of a greater plan is often comforting. More likely than not, you also heard of the idea that you might be some influential side character, or NPC (non-player character) in someone else’s story that helps with their character development. Who are real-life soulmates and how can we recognize them?

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The Youthful Roars of Community College

No matter how much I tried to shut my eyes, I just couldn’t fall asleep thanks to those racing thoughts for what was to come. There was also no doubt that stress sweat eventually took over. Bleh. I was so tired. My body and mind would eventually rest, but not now because there were too many nerves involved. And, I actually pulled a rare all-nighter. That morning was the first time I attended community college. Continue reading “The Youthful Roars of Community College”

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