Someone Left a Framed Photo of a Cyclist Lying by the Side of the Road


Just when human society couldn’t get even more complex, someone left a well-preserved framed photo of a cyclist lying by the side of the road. The object was discovered right next to a popular water fountain near downtown Toronto, Canada. Now people all over the world are trying to solve this mystery: Why is the cyclist in the photo lying on the side of the road and how was the framed photo placed right next to a water fountain? Continue reading “Someone Left a Framed Photo of a Cyclist Lying by the Side of the Road”

The Youthful Roars of Community College

No matter how much I tried to shut my eyes, I just couldn’t fall asleep thanks to those racing thoughts for what was to come. There was also no doubt that stress sweat eventually took over. Bleh. I was so tired. My body and mind would eventually rest, but not now because there were too many nerves involved. And, I actually pulled a rare all-nighter. That morning was the first time I attended community college. Continue reading “The Youthful Roars of Community College”

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