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7 Life Lessons

I haven’t lived a long time in all honesty. More likely than not, the upcoming days will have laughs, affections, travel, and a sense of mystery.  There is hope that some of the gained wisdom will be of good use in the future even in the more mediocre, uneventful days. Try to achieve greatness!   

1. People do their own thing

After finishing school, there is no set life template that can be followed. Many young adults who enter the workplace soon after throwing their caps into the air, others have three children before they turn twenty-one, while some may finish their bachelor’s degree at twenty-eight. It might take some time to conceptualize the fact that a former classmate can no longer be very relatable. Everyone’s life story is unique and many circumstances are beyond anyone’s control. 

2. It’s normal to feel jealous sometimes

People who share the same birth year achieve certain milestones sooner than you or me. They might have financial success or a rich history of exotic travel. External and internal pressure to become a different version of yourself is out there. Accept and love yourself! No one has a right to claim that you’re inferior. Change obviously doesn’t happen overnight, so comparison or self-pity can slowly deteriorate the mind instead of the opposite. When the very natural feelings of jealousy come into play, the ugliest emotions can be harvested and we must face them in a healthy way. Remember that every person, no matter how successful, has to go through their personal struggles. Don’t be unintentionally jealous of someone else’s struggles. 

3. Some days will be less productive

There will be days that will seemingly go to waste.  Some lazy days are required (not too much) in order to recharge, so don’t feel too guilty.  I still feel very disappointed when hours go by with little to no inspiration. But we don’t always have to be busy! As writers, we know the struggle of failing to express what our soul wishes to convey. During some days just writing three sentences can feel like a workout. In another example, one year can seem uneventful and we might not learn as much as planned or lived as many moments. Just a metaphorical bang is enough to change life’s course. Taking small steps is always progress even if it may appear underwhelming for a long time.

4. You will experience loneliness

Sometimes you will be completely alone and no one will help you regardless of how many friends, kids, or close family is nearby. Quite often, people will not always support you when help is needed most. Most people don’t know how to help either because everyone’s exact needs are complicated. Feeling extremely lonely can be traumatizing especially if those feelings seem endless. But remember, everyone goes through those moments of loneliness and self doubt. Even if you are in fact alone in making important choices, such negative feelings don’t need to be such a dominating force. Going in a unique direction regardless of the doubters is worth respect especially if it’s taken alone. 

5. Aging isn’t always depressing

I’m scared of waking up one day and realizing that the “window of opportunity” that I keep on hearing so much about is going to close in front of me. Realistically, there’s a limited amount of time for, say, climbing the corporate ladder. Even if it does not become a reality in my life, there are other worthwhile moments or events in life that were not missed. Ideally, age often comes with wisdom. I seem to be far away from experiencing the physical deterioration that comes with aging, so this aspect of life still needs to be explored on my part. Hopefully, you will experience the grace and acceptance that comes with getting older. Look at the good, despite the media’s obsession with youth. 

6. Don’t listen to miserable people, but take criticism

Truth is, not everyone we come across in life is going to lift us up. Some people may appear nice or helpful at first, but their true intentions will be revealed when they constantly doubt our capabilities or when they refuse to celebrate our accomplishments. People like that cannot be trusted. Keep in mind though that just because someone might be critical of some views or plans, does not mean that they are not on our side. They may honestly have your best intentions in mind, so pride can be put to the side. Choose your friends wisely. The truth will prevail. 

7. Try to enjoy the ride.

A good life requires hard work and sacrifice. But don’t forget to take care of your own well being by enjoying what you love to do. Try to incorporate some of the things you love into your daily responsibilities. Make some good memories!

10 thoughts on “7 Life Lessons

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  1. #6 is very hard to do but it is a worthy thing. We get negative rhetoric and criticism all the time, but try to understand the underlying reasons and the person behind. It is an art… LOL.

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  2. Wonderful post! I love number 5 because it’s so relatable. I’m happier now than I ever was in my teens, twenties, or even my thirties. Getting older for me has meant growing comfortable in my own skin and having confidence I never had before. And I plan to live what time I have left in peace and create as many happy moments as possible. Life’s too short not to. Thank you so much for posting!

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