Yawn. Everyday Life Usually isn’t Fun.

A lot of days aren’t so exciting. Some days can be quite dreadful, horrible, and maybe even disgusting when looking back at them. Anyone who went through bad times remembers that it gets better eventually, often times thanks to some form of intervention.  

Continue reading “Yawn. Everyday Life Usually isn’t Fun.”

Identity and American Polonia

Somehow life allowed me to live in two places at the same time. There were times when the question of if there’s more Polish or American “mentality” up in that messed up head was brought up by other people. Quite honestly, it doesn’t even matter that much. Both identities kind of mush together, so it’s sometimes hard to tell what aspect of my behavior is influenced by which culture. Continue reading “Identity and American Polonia”

A Semi-Spontaneous Post for the End of December

Hello everyone!

It truly feels like forever since I last posted on Cathartic Tendencies. To be real honest with you, I haven’t been working on any writing projects either. My excuse? I left Poland and have been busy readjusting to American life during the holiday season. Thanks to so much going on there wasn’t that much room or air for inspiration. Continue reading “A Semi-Spontaneous Post for the End of December”

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